Looking to Enhance Your Property with a Fence? Consider These Factors

Before you begin a fencing project, take the time to think through several factors to make sure your project is a success and meets your unique needs.

Purpose – Before you get too attached to a style of fence, identify why you want a fence – what are you trying to achieve by installing a fence? The answer to this question will affect what type of fence you choose. Fences provide many benefits, including: style, safety, containment and privacy. A fence expert can help you choose a type of fence and modify the style to achieve your purpose. The height of the fence, spacing of material and addition of wire can provide functional aspects to your selection. Ask your fence professional about other features, such as gates, locks and controllers, to maximize the benefit of your new fence.

Style – Since your home is unique, you want to make sure that you select a fence that not only meets your purpose but fits your style. Fortunately, fences come in all shapes and styles, giving the property owner many choices and opportunities to compliment their property style. Use this opportunity to add style and architectural detailing to your property. For example, a modern home may want to choose a vinyl option instead of a wood picket style fence. Whether your home style is country, modern or traditional, there are plenty of fence styles to choose from. Matching the style of your home will add to the aesthetics of your property, deliver curb appeal and increase your property value.

Maintenance – Your life is busy and you want to make sure that you spend time enjoying your new fence. Think about how much time you have or want to devote to maintaining your fence. This is an important and realistic consideration in selecting the type of fence. The most common fence materials are wood, metal and vinyl. Wood has a warm look and requires periodic maintenance to preserve its natural appeal. Metals and vinyl require very little maintenance but may cost more depending on the style. Ornamental metal fences offer a wide selection of styles that add beautiful architectural details. Vinyl comes in many colors, textures and styles as a result of the versatility of the manufacturing process. Chain link is also an option for your property but may not offer the style elements that you are looking for in a fence. Understanding the commitment to preserve the look of your new fence is key to ensuring that you will be able to enjoy the appearance of your fence for years to come.

Plan – Even with all the planning to determine your purpose, style and maintenance goals, a few more steps need to be taken to ensure a successful fence project. Before installation begins, make sure you know the building code and local zoning ordinances for fences. Check with any neighborhood ordinances, homeowners associations or city building guidelines and restrictions to make sure your fence complies with any codes. Once you know these fence parameters, the planning is still not done. Before you begin installation, you need to know what is below - safe digging starts with you. By law, everyone — including homeowners — MUST contact the Ohio Utilities Protection Service at least 48 hours but no more than 10 working days in advance of digging. Calling 811 before every digging job gets your underground utility lines marked for free and helps prevent undesired consequences. Check with your fence installer to see if this is part of their services that they provide for you.

"Call Before You Dig"
Ohio Utilities Protection Service (OUPS)
811 or 1-800-362-2764

Expertise – Selecting the right fence contractor can make a difference in the outcome of your fence and reduce the stress of your home improvement project. Make sure to choose a company that has been in the fencing business for many years and has expert installers with extensive experience installing all types of fences. Talk to friends and neighbors about their experience with fencing companies to help find experts in your area. In the Columbus area, Lannis Fence has been building fences with a team of expert installers for over 50 years – delivering a wide variety of high quality fencing products to meet your unique needs and enhance your property.

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