Columbus Zoo: The Heart of Africa is beating strong!

Lannis Fence is proud to take part in the construction of the new "Heart of Africa" exhibit at the Columbus Zoo opening in May 2014, the newest section of Columbus’ world renowned zoo. Lannis has delivered high-security containment fencing at the Zoo for years. Within the Africa exhibit, we have constructed custom designed chain-link fence caging and containment fencing for the multiple new species that will be on display including lions, giraffes, zebras, cheetahs, primates  and many more!

This is a truly unique project in that each particular containment system is designed specifically to meet the safety and security needs of every animal. The custom chain link systems provide a minimal amount of visual intrusion to the natural appeal of the attraction, while keeping everyone safe and secure.

In addition to the containment fencing, a secure perimeter is a top priority for the Zoo. We have also installed fully operated entrance gates and access control systems to create a safe environment for the Zoo employees and patrons.


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