Commercial - Chain Link

Commercial – Chain Link

Economically Meeting Your Safety Needs

When security for your property and employees is your top priority, chain link fence systems are an economical and dependable solution. Chain link is not only versatile and affordable but it is durable, holding up to the elements over time. This type of fence is easy to maintain and requires virtually no upkeep. An industry staple is the standard galvanized fence. Lannis can customize a design for you with an array of colors, heights and styles to choose from. A vinyl-coated system with powder-coated steel pipe framework is offered in various colors and presents a more finished look while maintaining security. Chain-link fence is a versatile product that can be used in numerous applications including zoos, schools, playgrounds, parks, industrial parks and warehousing facilities.

Lannis can deliver additional security aspects to your project with the installation of bollards. These small posts prevent injury or property damage by limiting unauthorized access. Whether it is to keep pedestrians safe or to protect investments on your property, bollards provide vehicle containment and add a level of security for peace of mind. Bollards also deliver a decorative flare with many styles to choose from to enhance the aesthetics of your property. If your application has unique features that require special consideration for bollards,  Lannis can provide you with a custom solution through our in-house fabrication company, Steven Steel Supply. Our experts can incorporate bollards into your site and have provided additional security for all types of installations from airports to refueling stations, security gates, sports facilities and many others.

Lannis has an extensive list of successful chain link system installations for all types of business. We are confident that we can provide you with a solution that fits your business needs. We have helped many business like yours, including:

  • Columbus Zoo
  • Ohio State University
  • City of Columbus
  • FedEx
  • Target
  • Hollywood Casino
  • Columbus Parks and Recreation

Temporary Construction Fence Protects Your Site

Lannis can protect your project by securing the job site in multiple ways through temporary construction fencing. When construction of your project is complete, Lannis can help you convert the temporary fence into a permanent structure to add the safety and appeal that you desire. Lannis can be your fencing source through all phases of your project.

Bollards Add Security

Bollards Add Security

Find out how to protect your property from unwanted access and increase security with the addition of bollards.

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Lannis is also uniquely positioned to provide custom fencing with our in-house fabrication facility. We combine art décor with practical application to make a beautiful statement through highly functional fencing and signage for your home or business.

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