Iron Works Specialty Engineered Applications

Specialty Engineered Applications

Specialized Fabrication to Meet Your Needs and Vision

Lannis and its sister company, Steven Steel Supply, are experienced at fabricating custom projects for specialty engineered applications. Projects that require specialized containment, such as securing a property, protecting people from debris or adding an ornamental art logo or message, align with Lannis’ capabilities. We can provide a containment solution that is highly effective, but one that also achieves beautiful aesthetics through metal art décor. Lannis, along with Steven Steel Supply, can help you protect your interests and at the same time, create an upscale image for your brand.

Lannis and Steven Steel Supply

We have worked extensively with municipalities and government officials to provide containment fences that keep our roadways safe. In addition to the functional aspect of the containment fences, Lannis and Steven Steel Supply provide custom fabrication and apply metal art décor that accents the fences with a branding message. This custom aspect of our fabrication delivers a high end image and upscale appeal to any installation. Sports enthusiasts also benefit from our debris containment experience through our racetrack catch fences. We have numerous installations at racetracks throughout the country, keeping the fans safe as they enjoy the thrill of the racing sport.

Highly specialized projects are also within our capabilities. Lannis has provided safety fencing for high security buildings. We understand the important and high level of security needs for these applications and can develop a system that delivers the safety required to keep your business secure and deliver peace of mind. No project is too small or too large. We have even provided projects for border security, airports and landmark sites requiring counter-terrorism measures.

Lannis can also add an artful touch with a custom, decorative, walkway railing. The appearance of your project is no longer limited to only conventional style railings. We can add beautiful décor to your walkway, while meeting your safety needs.

Fabrication Expertise

Fabrication Expertise

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About Lannis Fence

Lannis Fence has over 60 years of experience providing high-quality products for all types of residential and commercial fencing in the Columbus Ohio are and surrounding communities.

Lannis is also uniquely positioned to provide custom fencing with our in-house fabrication facility. We combine art décor with practical application to make a beautiful statement through highly functional fencing and signage for your home or business.

Lannis Fence is WBE Certified 100% Woman-Owned, and OH DBE Certified.


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