Residential - Pool Grade Fence

Residential – Pool Fence

Protect Your Loved Ones with a Pool Grade Fence

When making the investment to install a pool at your home, a sturdy and compliant fence is a must. Lannis Fence can help make sure you are meeting your community’s safety and pool code guidelines when selecting the right fence to enclose your pool. Our trained professionals will assist you in all aspects of purchasing your fence. Our experts will take into consideration all safety requirements, including picket and rail spacing and pool code gate hardware with self-closing hinges and child safety latches. Lannis ensures that all pool fencing will be installed in accordance with BOCA (Building Officials and Code Administrators International) pool safety codes section 421.10.

Decorative ornamental is the most popular option and comes in many attractive styles that will enhance your outdoor area. However, certain wood and vinyl options also meet code requirements. Regardless of the type of pool fence that you choose, Lannis can enhance your lifestyle at home through the enjoyment of a pool with proper planning and attention to safety requirements. Let us provide you with our expertise in pool fencing so you can relax and enjoy your outdoor living space with ease.

Cedar Quality Matters

Cedar Quality Matters

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Lannis Fence has over 60 years of experience providing high-quality products for all types of residential and commercial fencing in the Columbus Ohio are and surrounding communities.

Lannis is also uniquely positioned to provide custom fencing with our in-house fabrication facility. We combine art décor with practical application to make a beautiful statement through highly functional fencing and signage for your home or business.

Lannis Fence is WBE Certified 100% Woman-Owned, and OH DBE Certified.


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