Tremont Park: Architectural tribute

Apr 21, 2023 | Featured Projects

Tremont, located just south of downtown Cleveland off of the I-90 inner belt, is one of the city’s oldest and most historic neighborhoods. The area is centered around Lincoln Park, a large green area lined with historic churches, trendy restaurants, and restored Victorian homes. Lannis’ sister company, Steven Steel Supply, manufactured an elegant, custom steel fabricated sign to brand this historic area. This sign gave Steven Steel an opportunity to create an architectural piece of art, lending an up-scale image to this neighborhood.

The Tremont sign is made from one-inch polished stainless steel and has an intricate metal leaf plate back which is made from 1 ½ inch thick Cor-ten Carbon Steel. The letters and leaf designs were cut using special water jet technology. The sign contains various types of finishes to achieve different architectural effects. The carbon steel plate was intentionally left uncoated to allow it to weather as it ages, complimenting the historic area. In contrast, the stainless steel front was treated with an anti-graffiti coating to keep the artwork looking like new for years to come.

Steven Steel is proud to take part in the branding efforts for Tremont. The original bridge connecting Tremont and downtown in the late 19th century brought an influx of new residents, mostly Eastern European immigrants to the area. Their influence can be seen in the varied churches around Lincoln Park and in the neighborhood’s architecture. And now, a beautiful custom-fabricated sign by Steven Steel demarks this area.

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